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Since I've been doing massage I have offered a menu with various selections of massage services. However, in the end, my clients come to me for one simple thing..... massage. My massages are full body massages designed for nurturing your body mind and spirit through various relaxation techniques. I offer specific work as your body requires; deep tissue, neck and sciatic issues, etc..





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Professional Member American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
Certified California Massage Therapy Council (CMTC)
City of Palm Springs, California

Gregory Bessmer CMT

I have attended, and completed Nationally Accredited Massage School and continue to earn additional hours with CE credits. I have a cumulative total of over 1,700 hours of massage related education. I have 1,000's of hours of hands on massage time. For 8 years I have been a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).


My massages are full body massages designed for nurturing your body mind and spirit through various relaxation techniques. I offer specific work as your body requires; deep tissue, neck and sciatic issues, etc..


With my specialized training, I can help you to recover from the effects of Chronic Pain, Computer Shoulder, Sciatic Pain, Stress, Plantar Fascitis, Edema, Groin Pull or Strain, Migraine Headaches and more.


When you arrive for a massage be assured that this experience will give you a place to find comfort and needed therapy. You can expect a legitimate style of massage that caters to your mind, body and spirit. You will leave relaxed and energized by the experience.


Attention is paid to the smallest of details, to provide you with a soothing environment and a nurturing touch. Together, these things will help to break the cycle of everyday stress and pain; jump starting your recovery.


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Migraine, Neck Pain, SCM work at Palm Springs Massage Therapy
Plantar Fasciitis work at Palm Springs Massage Therapy
Tight Quads, Calfs and general leg work done at Palm Springs Massage Therapy
Computer Shoulder work done at Palm Springs Massage Therapy


Geoffrey C. says: Greg is a real pro. Exactly what I was looking for, both relaxing and therapeutic, and very affordable for what you get.



Sean H. says: One of the best massages ever. Incredibly relaxing, professional and calming. I highly recommend Greg.



Keith W. says: Greg's massages are consistently some of the best massages I've ever had! He also pays great attention to the small details and the overall environment of his massage room making for an overall enjoyable experience.



Lee H. says: Greg creates a perfect experience. His experience, skills and his talent are demonstrated through his hands. Greg is professional, kind and calm. His studio is very clean and the entire space is pleasing.



Craig Gunderson G. says: My first professional massage. I know I'll be back for more!!!



David K says: This was the best massage I ever had. It cannot even really be described as a massage--as in "a warm back rub". I have a disk problem. This massage can only described as a clinical or therapeutic experience. I don't know what else to say--this is the simply the best massage I have ever had-



Jacob S. says: I had a great experience with Greg yesterday. He worked out kinks in every part of my body and left me feeling very relaxed. I am a runner and he spent a lot of time on my legs which was great for my run the next day. I'll be back.



Brent S. says: Greg is fantastic, easily gives the best massages I've ever had. I often tend to fall asleep during them, it's so relaxing (and this is during a knot finder massage, no less!)



Jim M. says: My massage with Greg yesterday was absolutely wonderful. I was having a lot of issues with my lower back and shoulders so Greg spent a lot of time on those areas. I left feeling much more relaxed and look forward to my next visit.



Joan E. says: Good overall maintenance massage, loved the vibrations,especially savoured the neck and head routine,- the disappointing part was when it stopped. Thx








Michael G. says: I had quite a few massages in this town and never one so thorough, professional and relaxing. The setting is awesome and his touch is amazing. I'll be back.



Ruben C Says: Absolutely hands down the best massage I've ever had. Couldn't be any better. What a consistently great experience each and every time. Go treat yourself to a therapeutic massage in a calm, serene, clean environment. Top notch professional at a great price by an awesome guy!



David M. says: Greg's touch is transcending, the environment is superb, his studio is calming, . . . . Surely one of the best therapeutic experiences I have ever had. David



Vincent R. says: Booked a massage while I was in PS for a work conference. Excellent choice! Greg is such a nice person & a wonderfully talented massage therapist. His studio space is calm and and spotless. The massage was excellent... incredibly relaxing. I'll schedule again if I'm going to be in the area.



Sandy L. says: My message was wonderful and the atmosphere of Greg's message room makes you feel relaxed before he begins. I was a very nice experience from start to finish. Thanks Greg!



Scott S. says: Greg is exceptional at the work that he does. He makes you feel that your concerns and needs are important. He focuses on those and then makes you feel as though you have slipped into another realm of bliss. Greg, by far is the best massage therapist I have ever been too. I would definitely refer others.



Geoff O. says: I come to town once a year, and every year I get a rub from Greg. Within minutes he finds my knots and problem areas and goes to work on them. I always feel relaxed and refreshed after a massage with him. I've had problems in the past that I've alerted him to, and he always finds them whether I tell him or not! Greg is fun to talk to, but also knows how to let you be if you get in that "zen zone" when getting rubbed.



Keith E. says: As a retired architect,82 years of worn tread, Greg's massage was a panacea. Warmth, overall stimulation and easing release of tensions. Felt good, did good. Thx. A Canuck who will return!






Curt S. says: My kinks and lumps and tight muscles had their own zip code. Greg got rid of all that. He found them and worked them right out. I will be back




Jacob S. says: Greg is the first massage therapist that I have visited regularly. I keep coming back because he does a great job of performing a relaxing massage and changing things up each time. It's a great experience and I highly recommend him.



Thom S. says: Greg is very professional and sweet. He has great technique and his studio is beautiful. The added touches make this a true spa experience. I truly recommend Greg.



Ryan A. says: Hands down the best massage I've ever had! Greg really knows how to get those knots and kinks about of sensitive places. Do yourself a favor and go see will not regret it!



Travis S. says: AMAZING massage today (and boy did I need it). Palm Springs Peeps, check out Greg  - he's the real deal. BEST neck work I've ever had, and that secret cooling lotion is the bomb! Kudos, Greg! Can't wait to go back!



Kathy B. says: Greg is a professional. The best deep tissue massage I ever had. Thanks Greg



Craig B. says: I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Greg for the first time. I signed up for a 90 minute massage and was treated to one of the most relaxing and healing experiences ever! With truly gifted hands, Greg made my body feel rejuvenated and alive. I'm looking forward to another visit soon. He was the best!



Ronald B. says: Greg is really one of the best massages I have ever had. He is warm, gentle but strong hands and a real intuitive mastery of his work. Thank you Greg for getting out all my knots and making me feel brand new again!



Jim R. says: After a very stressful and busy week, it was exactly what I needed. Greg is master at his trade and I will be back. One of the best massages I have ever received. Thank you, Greg!



Since I've been doing massage I have offered a menu with various selections of massage services. However, in the end, my clients come to me for one simple thing..... massage. My massages are full body massages designed for nurturing the body mind and spirit through various relaxation techniques. I offer more specific work as your body requires; deep tissue, neck and sciatic issues, etc.

Sessions of Shorter Durations

This massage is perfect for clients wishing to focus on very specific issues in short durations of 30 minutes.  Issues such as Migraine or Tension Headaches, Plantar Faciitis, Sciatic pain, Hand or Foot Massage (and more). (Please note: diagnosis of ailments is not part of massage. Your medical doctor should be consulted prior to massage to verify that massage is right for your condition or ailment.




A simple yet very effective massage of light, medium or firm pressure designed to completely relax your body. This experience utilizes techniques from different modalities.

If required, a firmer technique may be used and involves the use of slow, deep and intense massage strokes across the grain of the muscle intended to heal physical injuries, chronic tension and emotional stresses within the body. Although not designed for "hurt", deep tissue styles of massage applies greater pressure than relaxation/Swedish massage.





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My Thoughts on Massage

Massage is a treatment that breaks the cycles of tension and stress. With each massage, you treat yourself to a new beginning. Regarding those "knots", they did not appear overnight; and massage alone will not rid your body of "knots". Only lifestyle changes will effect that change. Sometimes, working on specific issues, there is discomfort. Sure, "no pain, no gain" works great as a training mantra, but not in massage. Inflicting pain as a treatment can actually hurt you and damage your muscles. If you are going to a massage therapist that is hurting you... Stop!




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If you have any questions regarding Palm Springs Massage Therapy and what it's like to have a massage here please contact me at any time.


Signature Massages at Palm Springs Massage Therapy 4.
Signature Massages at Palm Springs Massage Therapy 2.
Signature Massages at Palm Springs Massage Therapy 3.

How do I make an Massage appointment?

All massages are made by appointment only.

Appointments can be scheduled on line, one day in advance. You may check for last-minute availability (same day) via text messaging or by phone.


What types of clients do you accept?

All men and women over the age of 18 are welcome to make an appointment. Massages with anyone under this age must have an adult present during the massage.


How often should I get a massage?

That is a very individual question. It depends on a lot of factors including your personal health goals, stress levels, and the amount of time you have available for receiving treatments.

For many people, a weekly massage session is ideal for continued health benefits.


Others may start with weekly sessions, and then drop down to bi-weekly or monthly appointments for maintenance. Consistency is key in getting the most benefit from your massage therapy regimen.


Is it common for clients to snore?

Many people fall into a deep, peaceful sleep during a massage. Particularly with how their head is positioned, it can be common to snore.


Please do not be embarrassed about this. It’s the utmost compliment to a massage therapist to have a client fall asleep, during the massage. Your body still reaps the benefits, even when you sleep through the treatment.







What is NOT included with your massage?

Sex. There are many places that advertise sex and massage together, but they sometime don't make it perfectly clear what is what they are "offering". It is not included here.


Many people, associate forms of touch as sexual, but please remember that touch can be therapeutic. A massage can be sensual; meaning: "Of or pertaining to the physical, senses; sensory."

A massage and touch should feel wonderful! Otherwise why bother?


I think I could benefit from a massage, but I feel apprehensive about my physical appearance.

Apprehension to receiving a massage based on your own perceived appearance is a legitimate insecurity... but only for you!


If you have a body part(s) that make you feel uncomfortable, you may have some personal work to do to. Judgment based upon one’s appearance would be counterproductive to this business.


We are all a work in progress; changing on a daily basis. Every day that we make good decisions for our bodies, we move closer to happiness. Massage is a fantastic compliment to starting or maintaining a diet, physical exercise program or many other health improvement regimens.


A decision to have massage tells me that you care about your body mind and spirit. What's not to like about that?




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